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What is Expanded Metal ?

Expanded metal products are the most versatile you will find for almost any industrial, commercial, interior design or architectural applications. 

Expanded metal is manufactured from a single sheet of metal by expansion process. In the process, the metal sheet is sheared and stretched to form a uniform diamond-patterned mesh which results in double bonds formation where the rows of strand converge at the apex of each diamond, technically called ‘knuckles’.
Types of Expanded Metal :
  • Mild Steel / Powder Coated
  • Galvanized Iron

Characteristics & Advantages :
  • Filtration / Enclosure (allows free flow of light, heat, sound & air)
  • Protection (will NOT unravel when cut, unlike woven wire)
  • Reinforcement (act as formidable barrier when used in security applications)
  • Fire resistant, vermin proof and provides anti-slip surface for ramps, catwalks and stair reads.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio makes it technically applicable in many engineering and ornamental applications.
  • Anti-corrosive when hot-dipped galvanized or powder-coated.
  • Decoration (available in a variety of mesh configurations and decorative patterns)
  • Good conductor to electricity, magnetic flux and heat through jointless continuity of materials.
  • Good for electromagnetic screening and driveway heating.

 How to Measure Expanded Metal :


Actual dimensions SWD and LWD. Measured from a point to a corresponding point on the design shown.
SWD  Nominal dimension Short Way of Design.
LWD  Nominal dimension Long Way of Design.
THICKNESS  Gauge thickness of metal expanded.
STRAND WIDTH  Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand.

Ordering Procedure :

Kindly enclose type, sizes & quantity of expanded metal required when placing order.