Pressure Grouting Injection

Pressure Grouting Injection

Concrete often cracks. It is inevitably recognized and experienced. Concrete construction requires construction joints and cold joints. All of these unwanted openings in concrete structures may cause very serious problems of water leakage. Most of these problems can be economically solved by utilizing the Pressure Injection Systems.
Injection is a procedure of pumping cement-based, polyurethane-based, epoxy-based or special acrylate-based systems into damaged or cracked structures to securely seal leaks, repair compromised structures and make them watertight for the long term.
PU (Polyurethane) injection, is a waterproofing technique that injects polyurethane to prevent water flowing through voids or cracks typically in concrete. Polyurethane is a low viscosity resin and has a very short curing time. When injected into cracks or voids in concrete building structures, it reacts with water / moisture and expands become foams to seal off the cracks. The expansion of the PU can up to 30 times of its own volume. Polyurethane will cure and retain its flexibility, which allows for subsequent movement in the structure while keeping the voids sealed, hence preventing the leak from occurring.

This method is effective in solving water leakage issues, especially when applied on the underside of the seepage area or the lower floor ceiling where the leak occurs.

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