Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling.

Concrete is one of the most used and durable man-made material in the world. Structures built with concrete have numerous advantages, from superior fire resistance to environmental perks. It’s strong and sturdy, yes, but not a super-substance. 

Given the huge amount of concrete structures that surround us day to day, it is easy to take concrete for granted and how it enables us to live the lives we do in our evolving urban landscapes. Just like us, concrete needs to be maintained. It is affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Deterioration of concrete may happen due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, seismic activity or a multitude of other reasons.

Deterioration of concrete is largely due to:   
Chemical degradation, eg. Chemical exposure, alkali aggregate reaction, bacterial action

Corrosion of the reinforcement steel, eg. Carbonation, chlorides, stray electrical current

Mechanical attack, eg. Impact, overloading, movement, earthquake, explosion

Physical damage, eg. Freeze/thaw action, thermal movements, shrinkage, abrasion, wear

Underlying contributors, eg. Poor construction, design faults, lack of maintenance

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