Pentens T007 | Cement Modifier ( Primer )
Pentens T007 | Cement Modifier ( Primer )


Pentens T007 | Cement Modifier ( Primer )

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PENTENS T-007 is a 100% acrylic cement modifier based on a proven 100% acrylic polymer designed to improve the chemical, corrosion, moisture and salt resistance of cement renders. It is superior compared to most PVA and SBR-based modifiers because of its superior durability and resistance to hydrolysis. It has been specially formulated for use in high alkaline cement environments. Cement mortars based on PENTENS T-007 will adhere to a wide range of materials such as metals, timber, insulation foams as well as new and old concrete.

Not only used as waterproofing primer, but also as an additive in cement mortars, renders, patching/repair work, GRC panels and waterproof cementitious coatings.
Areas of application include:
  • As a primer for water-based waterproofing/flooring works
  • Repairs to drinking water and waste water concrete structures
  • Repairs and resurfacing of factory floors, driveways
  • New and old concrete bonding agent.
  • Angle fillets
  • Multi-purpose adhesive

  • Increases durability of concrete and mortars.
  • Waterproof.
  • Suitable for use in contact with drinking water.
  • Great resistance against acids, alkalis, fats & oils.
  • Increases abrasion resistance.
  • Increases tensile, flexural, impact and compressive strengths.
  • Can be applied in thin coats.
  • Excellent UV durability.
  • Promotes superior adhesion compared to PVA and SBR.

  • Milky

  • 20 kg / pail
  • 200 kg / drum