SikaFibre M 12 mm


SikaFibre M 12 mm

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Brand: Sika

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Also known as SikaFibre® Monofilament 12 mm, SikaFibre® M 12 mm is based on specially treated polypropylene. They are added to concrete mixes to reduce shrinkage cracking in the plastic stage. SikaFibre® M 12 mm is monafilament for wet batch mixes (> 35 mm slump).


SikaFibre® M 12 mm can be used for:
  •  Airport apron and car park slabs
  •  Concrete and mortar subjected to impact loads
  •  Concrete needing high cohesion such as extruded concrete or when laying concrete on a gradient
  •  Thin applications of shotcrete or gunite
  •  Precast concrete to decrease demoulding time

Characteristics & Advantages

Due to their fineness and special surface treatment, SikaFibre® M 12 mm can be easily dispersed in the concrete or mortar and create a dense matrix that leads to:
  •  Improved cohesiveness of the fresh concrete
  •  Reduction of shrinkage cracks
  •  Increased resistance to impact loads
  •  Reduced concrete permeability
  •  Resistance to slab curling
  •  Improved fire damage properties
Note: SikaFibre® M 12 mm is 18 microns in diameter which is smaller than most other fibres in the market. This fineness gives a greater number of fibres per kg (~180 million per m² of concrete) and a greater effective surface area (225 m² per kg).

White polypropylene fibres with surface agent


Soluble 600grams /  bags pre-dosed for 1 m³ of concrete
  • 0.6kg / bag (28 bags / carton)


SikaFibre M 12 mm

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