Plastiment SD-2

Plastiment SD-2

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Category: Concrete

Brand: Sika


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Sika® Plastiment® SD-2 is based on a blend of synthetic and natural admixtures. It works as a defloculent and will disperse the cement evenly in the concrete matrix.


Sika Plastiment SD-2 is specifically formulated for the semi-dry process of manufacturing screen blocks and re-constructed stone where the matrix is based on very fine graded aggregates.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • Sika Plastiment SD-2 is manufactured under strict control with carefully selected raw materials which do not vary
  • Sika Plastiment SD-2 will ensure efficient utilisation of the cement, and a substantial reduction in the cementitious material content is usually possible
  • Due to the excellent dispersion of the cement and the fine material in the mix, the surface texture is also improved
  • Increased in early strength is common
  • Because of the cement dispersion and high early strength, the edges are very sharp and durable
  • Sika Plastiment SD-2 can reduce permeability and has waterproofing properties, thereby reducing efflorescence
  • Placing of the concrete is easier and vibration time can be reduced


  • 20 litre / pail
  • 200 litre / drum

  • Transparent liquid