Sika Formol-EX


Sika Formol-EX

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Category: Concrete

Brand: Sika


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Sika® Formol-EX is a chemical release agent for use on both timber and steel moulds. It is designed and formulated to function as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete. Sika® Formol-EX offers protection to both steel and timber formwork as it acts as a rust inhibitor and waterproofer.


Sika® Formol-EX can be used with excellent effect on formwork designed to produce all types of finishes, from fair-faced to textured. Sika® Formol-EX has been found to assist in the protection of equipment used in the handling and placing of concrete. A thin coating on bowls, barrows, skips, shovels, etc. will make these easier to clean and protect against corrosion.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • Equally effective on both steel and timber moulds
  • It allows for fast and easy striking of formwork
  • Economical and easy to apply through conventional spray equipment
  • Highly stable during placement and vibration of concrete
  • Does not stain or contaminate the finished concrete surface
  • Regular use will help to reduce the incidence of rust on steel moulds
  • It has no unpleasant odour


  • Yellowish liquid


  • 20 litre / pail
  • 200 litre / drum