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Category: Box Culvert

Select variant(s): DRY WEATHER FLOW (DWF), UNIT

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Application :
  • Storm water drain
  • Power duct
  • Replacement of RCC hume pile at road crossing
Design Consideration :
  • The structure design of Precast RC Box Culvert is in accordance with the requirement of :
i) BS 5400 : Part 4 : 1990
ii) BD 31/01  The Design of Buried Concrete Box and Portal Frame Structures
iii) MS 1293 : Part 1 : 1992
  • Box culverts are able to withstand a standard 2m (Max.) of superimposed backfill depth and 45 units of HB vehicle live load.
  • Standard size box culverts also comply with proof load test of 112.5 kN over an area of 320mm x 320mm placed at any position on the box culvert's lid.
  • Minimum backfill depth of 600mm over box culverts are recommended to avoid undesirable direct impact load.
  • Hydrostatic pressure is eliminated by provision of weepholes placed along the centerline of the invert wall.

Types :
 Standard Size Box Culvert (width from 300mm to 1800mm) 

 Supersize Box Culvert (width from 2135mm to 3660mm) 

* B
ox culverts are available with / without dry weather flow (DWF) channels. Kindly specify your requirement.

* Kindly specify type / dimension / loading requirement. Otherwise, please approach our sales team for assistance.