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Universal Beams & Columns

Universal Beams & Columns

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The Universal Beams and Columns ( UB / UC ), also called the H-beam, I-beam, wide beam, W-beam, and rolled steel joist, is the shape of choice for structural steel builds. The design and structure of the I-beam makes it uniquely capable of handling a variety of loads.

They are often used as critical support trusses, or the main framework, in buildings. Steel I-beams ensure a structure’s integrity with relentless strength and support. The immense power of I beams reduces the need to include numerous support structures, saving time and money, as well as making the structure more stable. The versatility and dependability of I beams make them a coveted resource to every builder.

Universal Beams & Columns Dimensions :


Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Application :

· Building Framing
· Bridges
· General Structural Purposes

* Please refer to pdf attached for specifications or contact our sales office for your requirement.


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