WBP Plywood (Waterproof Plywood)

WBP Plywood (Waterproof Plywood)

WBP Plywood (Waterproof Plywood)

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WBP plywood is a high grade veneer plywood made with waterproof glue. It glues together several thin layers of softwood or hardwood veneers.

WBP stands for Weather and Boil Proof, can not only pass the hot water boiling test, but also can get wet and dry, without delamination. It can withstand very harsh and extreme weather.

WBP plywood is highly resistant to expanding or shrinking, thus, it is less likely to split when nailed at the edges, and the sheet strength is consistent in all directions.

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* Different sizes and thicknesses are available. Kindly contact our sales office for your requirement.

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