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Category: Bricks


Quantity :


PACKING: Number of pieces per pallet for each factory is different (624pcs ~ 680 pcs / pallet)

Benefits of Clay Bricks :
  • Fire resistance - Clay bricks do not burn and reduce the possibility of fire where they are used.
  • Sound Insulation - The characteristic thickness and density of a clay brick wall reduces noise transmission and deflects noise from the outdoors for a peaceful and quiet home.
  • Durable - Clay bricks do not warp, rust, split, peel or fade over time. They do not harbor termites and appear more beautiful as they grow older.
  • Low maintenance costs - While clay bricks may be expensive to acquire, their low maintenance and durability make these materials a cost effective option for the exterior of your home.
  • Heat dissipation - Clay has a lower thermal mass. Clay brick absorbs and releases heat slowly during the day, keeping homes cooler during the day and warmer at night.
  • High resale value - Clay brick homes generally have a high resale value as home buyers prefer the upscale appearance and easy care of a brick home.

Size :

± 220mm x 100mm x 70mm ( 8.5'' x 4'' x 2.5'' )

2 Types Available :

i) With Hole 
(Enhance Gripping)
ii) Without Hole