Ledex Flex Crimp Curve


Ledex Flex Crimp Curve

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  • Ledex Flex Crimp Curve is designed and engineered to the pinnacle of modern metal roofing technology. It is economical and provides attractive appearances along with effective solution for the needs for commercial, industrial or residential applications.
  • Ledex Flex Crimp Curve provides unparalleled scope of creativity on your building’s design. It can be customized into semi-curve, double-head curve or special design crimp curve. Made from steel of the highest quality available in a range of Zinc and Aluminium Alloy-coated steel, this product is heat-resistant and durable.


  • Bus-stop shelter
  • Residential awning
  • Elevation awning
  • Commercial building carpark
  • Farm houses

For more info : https://ledex.com.my/product/ledex-flex-crimp-curve/