Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing


Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing

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  • Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing is a premium profile roll formed from high strength steel. It has 3 fluted pans and wide covering width. The high ribs and wide pans of Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing ensure good spinning capability and excellent water discharge capacity. Installed properly according to manufacturer’s instruction, Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing virtually guarantees a watertight roof cover.

  • Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing is versatile and equally well suited for use as cladding and fascia, giving a bold and distinctive finish.

  • Ledex Hi-Rib 35 Roofing is also available in attractive crimp curve option.


For more info : https://ledex.com.my/product/ledex-hi-rib-35-roofing/