Ledex Clip 670 Roofing


Ledex Clip 670 Roofing

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  • Ledex Clip 670 Roofing designed to perform at a minimum recommended roof pitch of 2° (1 in 29), and provides a lightweight by extremely strong water-proof roofing system with its wide 188mm fluted pans and high rib 41mm.

  • Ledex Clip 670 Roofing is designed to have an interlock action rib for positive concealed clip fixing, that is roll-formed precisely from genuine high tensile G550 Zincalume steel. It is available in a range of Prima Maju-R, Clean Colorbond and Zincalume by BlueScope Steel.

  • Ledex Clip 670 Roofing disperse rainwater quickly and efficiently to the outer perimeters of the roof, thus making it an excellent choice for areas with severe rainfall intensity in Asia.

  • Ledex Clip 670 Roofing remains as one of the most trusted and reliable products since our incorporation.

For more info : https://ledex.com.my/product/ledex-clip-670-roofing/