Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing
Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing


Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing

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  • Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing is one the most popular metal tile roofing sheet in the present market. It offers economical and attractive solution for the needs of commercial, residential canopy extension.
  • Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing can be customized to any specific length as per measurement. It is user-friendly and time saving compared to traditional clay tile installation.
  • Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing also lighter and thus reduce costs.
  • Ledex Uro-Span Step Roofing is made of steel of the highest quality available in a range of Aluminium Zinc Alloy coated steel, allowing the product to be heat-resistant and durable.

For more info : https://ledex.com.my/product/uro-span-step-roofing/