Ledex Uro-Span Opp 3 in 1 Roofing


Ledex Uro-Span Opp 3 in 1 Roofing

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  • Opp 3 in 1 Roofing is a state of the art technology. It is a single-layered product consisting of 3 layers: prepainted metal sheet, EPE foam and aluminium foil.

  • Opp 3 in 1 Roofing are good replacements for the traditional products which are made is poly glass, chicken netting and aluminium foil. It saves installation time and offer good aesthetic look heat-resistant.

Merits & Advantages

  • Workmanship : Easy to install (one-time-job only), cuts down construction time.

  • Heat Resistant : Reduce heat (compare to conventional roofing), thus reduces your electricity cost.

  • Insect/ Bird and Pest Proof : Reduce unnecessary disturbance from pest.

  • Good Light Reflection : Brightens up your home.

  • Transportation : Easy to stack and load.

  • Sound Insulation : Reduce noise of rain falling on roof, giving a more peaceful & comfortable environment.

  • Chemical Resistant : Does not corrode easily.

  • Dust Free : Self cleaning, roof pitch > 5°


  • Noise reduction

  • Provide heat insulation

  • Help reduce heat that will directly reduce electricity cost

  • Easy installation


For more info : https://ledex.com.my/product/uro-span-opp-3-in-1-step-roofing/

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