New Sunroof 3in1


New Sunroof 3in1

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  • Astino New Sunroof is a quality profile, which has been designed and engineered with highest standard of modern metal roofing technology.

  • Astino New Sunroof  is made from the highest grade steel available in a range of coating either Aluzinc, Galvanized steel or Coloured. Its special anti-capillary featured alongside lap make it suited for severe weather condition.

  • Astino New Sunroof excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long economical spans leading to cost saving in any building projects.

  • Astino New Sunroof is available crimp curved which enhance the aesthetic appearance of any roof. These crimp curved profiles provide unparalleled scope for creative design of your building. The end result is great looking roof that is easy to install.


For more info : https://www.astino.com.my/products/astino-roofing/new-sunroof/