Clip Lock 672 / 710


Clip Lock 672 / 710

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  • Clip Lock is a premier profile that combines concealed fastening feature with structural performance. No exposed fasteners are used thereby eliminating leakage occurrences and provide years of worry performance.

  • The distinctive appearance make Clip Lock ideal for a wide range of applications from low pitched roofs to vertical ribbed cladding and well suited for commercial, industrial or residential roofing applications.

  • The deep rigid ribs allow safe and wide support spacing. Installation is simple and fast with Clip Lock that can be lowered in place and easily aligned thereby providing time and cost savings during installation. The specially designed Astino Clip inter looking the Clip Lock delivers a guaranteed and reliable performance.


For more info : https://www.astino.com.my/products/astino-roofing/clip-lock-672-710/