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  • Rexy Bond is steel tile-shaped roofing that are elegant beautifully designed which offer unsurpassed good looking to your building. It is extremely popular option in the market and ideally suited as the best replacement for traditional clay tiles. REXY BOND provides economical and attractive solution to your roofing needs that will transform the appearance of your buildings.

  • Rexy Bond is protected with corrosion inhibitive treatments and coating designed to provide broad spectrum of performance which minimized maintenance and extend durability.

  • Rexy Bond can be manufactured according to the desired lengths, spans continuous from ridge to eave. Multiple end laps are eliminated thus no potential leakage and reduce materials wastage at end laps. 



The minimum recommended roof pitch is 5 degree Batten spacing : Internal support, 610mm Max End support – 305 Max

Superior RIB Specifications Table - For Colour Coated Material 


Custom cut length available according to order

  • Length : ± 10mm
  • Width : ± 5mm
  • Thickness : ±3 dollar per minute


Astino provides warranties on individual project basic


Astino step roofing sheets are stacked sheet to sheet. The top and bottom are protected with timer. The number of sheets in each pack depends on roofing thickness and length. Quantities are reduced for longer roofing sheets. Maximum pack weight is 1500kg or to the maximum of 150 sheets per pack.

For more info : https://www.astino.com.my/products/astino-roofing/rexy-bond/