Pentens WaterPlug | Quick Set Non-Shrink Hydraulic Mortar


Pentens WaterPlug | Quick Set Non-Shrink Hydraulic Mortar

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Quick Set Hydraulic Cement


WaterPlug is a quick setting nonshrink hydraulic mortar and is packaged in powder form. When mixed with water to form a putty consistency, it is ideal for instant stopping of water or leakage through concrete and masonry, and applications that are under hydrostatic pressure. Upon setting the product develops excellent structural strength and watertightness.

  • Repairing water – retaining structures
  • Anchoring of bolts, railings and fixtures
  • Repairing concrete pipe and precast concrete
  • Making rigid joints watertight
  • Filling holes left by tie wires
  • Repairing honeycombs, cracks and spalls
  • Stopping leaks
  • Patching mortars and concrete
  • Basements and fountains
  • Retaining walls and Retaining structures

  • Non toxic when set
  • Easy to use
  • Non shrink and expands as it sets
  • Stops running water instantly
  • Does not contain chlorides and is non-metallic

  • Black

  • 1.5 kg / pail
  • 5 kg / pail
  • 25 kg / bag