Pentens E10 | Water Dispersed Two Component Epoxy Resin


Pentens E10 | Water Dispersed Two Component Epoxy Resin

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Water-Dispersed Two-Component Epoxy Resin


PENTENS E-10 is a reactive two-component system, consisting of modified phenol-type epoxy resin (A-Comp.) and water-emulsified epoxy resin hardener (B-Comp.). This system could actually be formulated using water as a carrier and produces film with outstanding appearance.

PENTENS E-10 is safe for use in sensitive areas and it is environmentally friendly with extremely low V.O.C.


  • As a Primer for water-based waterproofing/flooring works
  • As a binder / sealer for fiber glass mat in tank lining works
  • New and old concrete bonding agent
  • Multi-purpose adhesive


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Can be safely applied to freshly laid hardened (green) concrete
  • Negligible odor and toxicity
  • Has excellent adhesion to most substrates, including brick, masonry, concrete, compressed fiberboard, stone and timber


  • E-10A : 20 kg / pail
  • E-10B : 20 kg / pail