Pentens Fast 1 | Hardening Accelerating Admixtures


Pentens Fast 1 | Hardening Accelerating Admixtures

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Hardening Accelerating Admixtures



PENTENS FAST-a is a new generation hardening accelerator for concrete and mortar. It shortens the setting time of concrete, allowing a cold-weather pour, early removal of forms, early surface finishing and in some cases, early load application without negatively influencing final strengths.



PENTENS FAST-1 does not contain any chlorides and can therefore be used without any reservations for reinforced as well as prestressed concrete. However, it should not be used in combination with expanding or shrink compensating admixtures.



PENTENS FAST-1 is normally used in combination with a superplasticizer. The addition of PENTENS FAST-1 does not change the positive properties (e.g. fluidifying, stiffening behavior etc.) of the superplasticizer.

Depending on the dosage of PENTENS FAST-1, an increase in early strengths during the first 24 hour of up to 100% in comparison with normal concrete can be achieved.


  • 20 kg / pail

  • 200 kg / drum