Pentens ACW013 | Non Woven Polyester Fiberglass Fabric


Pentens ACW013 | Non Woven Polyester Fiberglass Fabric

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Non-Woven Polyester Fiberglass Fabric


PENTENS ACW-013 is a non-woven polyester fiberglass. It is made of neutral fiber glass and polyester. It performs a superior reinforcing function and is specially designed to allow cementitious or non-cementitious particles to pass through, thereby forming a compact reinforced sandwich system. Even if a high force is applied on it, this system will eliminate separation problem between the top and bottom layers.


It is widely used in reinforcing waterproofing membranes, coatings and exterior insulation finishing systems, etc. It can also reinforce cement, bitumen, resinous coatings, etc. It is an ideal engineering material for construction use.


  • It is soft but flexible and resists aging.

  • Very durable and versatile.

  • Suitable for all kinds of architectural designs.

  • Easy to apply.


  • 100 m2 / roll